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This seminar was held within the frame of the Jicable's Workshops

Jicable HVDC'13

European Seminar on materials for HVDC cables and accessories:
Performance, Modelling, Testing, Qualification


Synthetic materials have been used for over 50 years for the electrical insulation of high voltage AC power insulated cables. The mastery of these materials has led to the development of 500 kV links. These links allow the penetration in urban areas, crossing underwater or crossing sensitive sites. Some of these links are reaching tens of kilometers.

The use of DC can be considered for power transmission over long distances with several advantages: no problem of compensation, two conductors instead of three ... For cons, the implementation of expensive converter stations lead to an interest of DC only for long links and high power.
The mastery of synthetic materials can now allow the realization of high voltage power insulated cables in DC.

The objective of the seminar Jicable HVDC'13 is to present state of knowledge on the behaviour of materials for HVDC cables and accessories. It will first address the physical behaviour, physic-chemical and electrical properties of these materials: dielectric, space charges, interfaces, ageing, reliability,... It will then discuss the results of modelling studies and the relationship between modelling and behaviour of materials to clarify the role of tests: investigation, qualification, reception, control in operation,...

Finally, the seminar will show how these scientific and technical information are taken into account by the system operators (TSOs) to demonstrate and evaluate the equipment over time.